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Introducing Bimodal Stealth Exhausts

As the world becomes more environmentally conscious, motorcycle manufacturers are under increasing pressure to comply with stricter pollution regulations. In response, Vandemon has created a revolutionary exhaust system that reduces emissions and delivers optimal performance.

The Bimodal Stealth Titanium Exhausts allows you to switch between quiet and loud modes, all at the press of a button on the handlebars. By choosing the Bimodal Stealth exhaust, you are helping the environment and upgrading your motorcycle's performance and style.

The Benefits of the Stealth Exhaust System

The Stealth system has many benefits, making it an excellent choice for motorcycle enthusiasts. First and foremost, it offers a significant weight saving over traditional steel mufflers. Secondly, it has a unique bimodal design allows you to choose between quiet and loud modes. This feature is useful for riders who want to reduce noise pollution in certain areas and for those who want to show off their motorcycle's power and performance. Lastly, the Stealth exhaust will improve your motorcycle's overall performance by reducing back pressure and allowing more efficient exhaust flow.

How the Stealth Exhaust System Works

The Stealth exhaust system consists of three mufflers - a central muffler, a left-hand muffler, and a right-hand muffler. The central muffler is larger and quieter, while the left and right mufflers are smaller and provide an aggressive sound. A titanium valve controls the flow of exhaust gases, directing them to either the central muffler or the left and right mufflers. The valve is controlled by an electric motor, which is insulated from heat and resistant to weather conditions. The electric motor is mounted on the motorcycle's frame and connected to the valve via a linkage system.

Tuning the Stealth Exhaust System

When tuning the Stealth exhaust, the technician will customize the tune to the valve open (loud mode). The quiet mode should only be used in suburban and city areas, where the engine is operated at lower speeds, as the Stealth mode is restrictive to any power increase and will create excessive exhaust back pressure if you race the engine. By tuning the exhaust system to its full potential, you can improve your motorcycle's performance and ensure it complies with all applicable emissions regulations.

Design and Build Quality

The Stealth exhaust system is made from high-quality titanium, making it durable and lightweight. The system is designed to fit seamlessly onto your motorcycle, and the valve mechanism is cleverly integrated into the frame so that it won't interfere with your ride. Additionally, the system is maintenance-free, and all components are made to withstand weather conditions and temperature changes.


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Choosing the Bimodal Stealth Titanium Exhausts will not only improve your motorcycle's performance and style, but it will also contribute to a cleaner environment. 

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