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Cat Back Exhausts Australia

Vandemon Performance supplies aftermarket performance exhausts. A popular upgrade for many car enthusiasts.

Cat back exhausts are one type of performance exhaust that is gaining popularity due to the performance gains they offer. They replace the muffler and the piping from the catalytic converter back to the end of the tailpipe.

This design offers a number of benefits over stock exhaust systems, including increased power and performance, as well as a deeper, more aggressive sound.

While there are a number of different brands and designs on the market, many car enthusiasts agree that cat back exhausts from Vandemon Performance are one of the best ways to improve the performance of their cars.

Benefits of Cat Back Exhausts

Installing a Vandemon cat back exhaust system for your car will give you a vastly improved sound in both muffled and full bypass modes.

Furthermore, Vandemon guarantees to improve HP and torque throughout the entire RPM range by replacing your worn out restrictive OEM exhaust system without any need to change the headers and catalytic converters.

The total exhaust fit up time is only 30 minutes, with another 45 minutes for running the control module's wiring and mounting.


Specialists in Cat Back Performance Exhausts for Cars

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