Stealth Exhaust Breakthrough for Triumph Rocket 3

Triumph Rocket 3 R & GT Stealth E-Valve Titanium Slip-On Mufflers.

Choose from two exhaust tones at the Press of a Button.


+54% More Torque@2500rpm after tune

With regulations worldwide becoming more strict and increased criticism from the general public, Vandemon came up with a variable valved slip-on muffler which does away with the OEM catalytic converter and heavy steel mufflers.

Apart from a significant weight saving, this exhaust is unique in that the operator can choose from two exhaust tones, quiet or loud, at the press of a button on the handlebars.


How Does It work?

The system consists of three mufflers. A purpose-made titanium valve that, when closed, directs all exhaust through a larger central muffler which then exits through the smaller LH muffler to give an exhaust tone as quiet as the OEM mufflers.

When the valve is in the open position, the exhaust will exit via the path of least resistance which is the third RH muffler with no restriction to gas flow, making for a deep tone. The electric motor that drives the valve is insulated from heat and is 100% weather resistant.


The surface finish is natural brushed titanium which won't stain, corrode or need polishing as titanium has a very high acid and salt resistance and dissipates heat twice as fast as steel.

Grab your Triumph Rocket 3 R & GT Stealth E-Valve Titanium slip on muffler today. 


Material: Ti1 Titanium Mufflers and Link pipes

Surface finish: natural brushed

Weight: 6.2kg (OEM Mufflers and Cat 12.2kg)

Production years: 2020-2022

O2 sensor provision M12x1.25

Power +54% Torque@2500rpm & +25% Hp@6760rpm

From 133hp to 165hp@6760rpm

From 120nm@2500rpm to 185nm@2500rpm

Peak Torque From 172nm@5380rpm to 200nm@3870rpm

Performance figures achieved after flash tune & DNA air filter

Not Euro 4 or Euro 5 compliant

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