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BMW S1000R, S1000RR & M1000R Vandemon Titanium Stealth Slip-On 2021-24

BMW S1000R, S1000RR & M1000R Vandemon Titanium Stealth Slip-On 2021-24


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BMW S1000R, S1000RR & M1000R Titanium Stealth Slip-On 2021-24


BMW S1000R 2021-2024  

BMW S1000RR 2021-2024 

BMW M1000R 2021-2024 

With noise regulations worldwide becoming more strict and the general public's criticism increasing, Vandemon added the BMW S1000RR to our Stealth exhaust catalogue.

Vandemon, the leader of exhaust development, has created a unique slip-on Bimodal muffler that replaces the OEM Muffler and catalytic converter. This unique and well-thought-out slip-on will allow the rider to choose between QUIET or POWER for maximum performance AND SOUND at the Press of a button.

The slip-on nature of this muffler and bimodal valve utilizes the original BMW headers and accommodates the OEM O2 sensors. 

The R&D team at Vandemon believed that the project required a stealthy appearance to complement the stealthy nature of this exhaust system. Where the catalytic converter was now replaced by a lightweight titanium twin chamber box muffler which, when the power button is pressed, a titanium exhaust valve shuts off the exhaust to the final unbaffled muffler and redirects the exhaust through the Stealth muffler, after which the exhaust gases then can exit via the final muffler for a quiet exhaust. When the power button is pressed again, the titanium valve will open, and the exhaust gases will bypass the Stealth Muffler and exit via the final muffler with zero resistance for maximum sound and performance.

The Bimodal Titanium exhaust valve is driven by a purpose-made BMW electric servo and powered via a custom wiring harness that patch plugs into the OEM BMW wiring loom under the seat. The switch that activates the valve is mounted on the handlebars or any easily accessible location. It allows the rider to choose between two options: QUIET or POWER MODE, where the exhaust will either pass through the resonator muffler or bypass it completely. 

By choosing our Stealth Slip-On, the heavy, restrictive OEM mufflers and catalytic converter are eliminated, and a noticeable reduction in stored, radiated heat is achieved as Titanium doesn't retain heat for long and cools quickly. 

The straight-through flow characteristic of POWER MODE enables a tuner to increase torque and horsepower. Tuning is conducted in POWER mode, which will also work in Stealth mode.

  • Muffler Final Ti1 Titanium
  • Stealth Muffler Ti1 Titanium 
  • Exhaust Valve Ti1 Titanium
  • Custom wiring loom, including Cables and Servo 
  • Weight - 8.8kg
  • Power - +9Hp @ 8500rpm (Not In Stealth Mode) 
  • Torque - +8Nm @ 8400rpm (Not In Stealth Mode) 
  • Surface finish: Brushed
  • 2 x M12x1.25 & 4 x M18x1.5mm O2 Sensor Bungs 
  • Noise - 97Db Stealth mode & 106Db Power Mode @ 5500rpm
  • Application: Competition



Dyno tuning recommended for best results.

The surface finish is natural brushed Titanium, which, when heated after only one ride, changes to all the colours of the rainbow. Titanium's added advantage over Stainless steel is that It won't stain, corrode, or need polishing. It has a very high resistance to acid and salt and dissipates heat twice as fast as steel.


We at Vandemon use a unique welding process that completely penetrates and makes for an ultrasonically perfect connection at all joints with a unique flush finish.


This exhaust system is supplied with a removable silencer, which, when used, won't require remapping of your ECU. OEM mapping will manage any slight alterations to fuelling, etc. As this exhaust is designed for competition use, should the silencer be removed, tuning to suit is recommended by a competent technician. 


Due to its strength, weight and corrosion quality, Titanium is found in the most demanding applications on Aircraft airframes, jet engine compressor blades and ducting, deep-sea saltwater vessels, steam turbine blades, rocket motor cases and F1 and MotoGP


  • Very light, Increased power to weight ratio
  • Won't corrode or change colour from exposure to water
  • Never need polishing like stainless steel & aluminium
  • Dissipate heat twice as fast as Stainless Steel
  • Won't distort or oxidise at High Temperatures 

VANDEMON Exhausts operates out of our HQ in Wollongong, NSW, Australia

IMPORTANT! Vandemon Exhaust systems are designed for performance and modest sound improvements. We at Vandemon do not try to meet noise emission standards because the results would simply be no different than what your OEM exhaust can already achieve. Check with your country's governing body regarding noise emission standards, rules, and regulations.


Vandemon exhaust systems are designed for performance and modest sound improvements. We at Vandemon do not try to meet noise emission standards because simply the end results would be no different than what your OEM exhaust can already achieve. Check with your country's governing body regarding noise emission standards rules and regulations.


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