Vandemon Polished Titanium Doughnut Exhaust System & Carbon Fibre Muffler

So you have taken delivery of Yamaha's R7 MT-07, FZ-07 or XSR700 and you want to get rid of that ugly muffler and get an instant increase of 5hp without doing anything as well as stand out from the sheep in the crowd.


- YAMAHA MT07 FZ07 VANDEMON Titanium Exhaust System Courtesy David Courtney


Polished Titanium is the alloy of choice for competition due to its lightweight and superior high-temperature tolerance. Unlike Stainless Steel, it won't need constant polishing to remove pitting and oxidisation stains. Always shines like chrome turning into a range of magnificent colours encompassing all spectrums of the colour range, always in flux, changing after every ride.


Stunning looks, unrestricted tuning and performance potential are delivered via increasing the exhaust length to capture and take advantage of gas mass extraction which can only be achieved on a long system. To conceal this long exhaust path we simply add length via a doughnut loop midway and still achieve a short muffler discharge without the need of an ugly muffler under the engine.


Lastly, the sound is deep and uniquely VANDEMON where you can opt to retain the silencer or remove it taking only 2 minutes to do so.



Material - Ti 1 Polished Titanium

Muffler- carbon fibre skin with titanium chassis & glass fibre sound absorption

Mounting kit

Weight - 2.9kg

Exhaust Length - Exhaust Port to Muffler tip 1530mm

Exhaust header - 38mm ID

Doughnut Link pipe - 48mm ID

12 x 1.25 & 18 x 1.5mm O2 sensor provision

Noise rating 98db baffle in, 105db baffle out 

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