Where are you located?

  • We are located in the city of Wollongong on the East Coast of Australia.

    Do you ship your titanium exhaust systems across Australia?

    • Yes we offer Australia Wide Shipping.

    Do you offer international shipping?

    • Yes we offer international shipping to the United Kingdom, United States, European Union, Japan, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Canada, New Zealand and India. Please note respective shipping rates apply.

    Do you offer a Up Map Tune with your exhaust?

    • No we don’t as it is impossible to achieve the best results for every altitude , climate , fuel quality and state of bike wear. Best results are achieved on a Dyno with a custom tune.


    Do I need to have my bike tuned to suit the exhaust?

    • Yes & No this depends on the make and model of bike and if you intend on using the silencer or not. In most cases by retaining the silencer no tune is required.


    Do you make custom exhaust systems for all bikes?

    • No we don’t as the initial process is very labour intensive, costly and takes us away from our core production demand.


    Does Titanium need frequent polishing?

    • No Titanium is salt resistant and has a very high acid resistants. Simply wipe down when cool with house hold furniture polish.  


    Are Exhaust gaskets supplied with your kits?

    • No we do not supply gaskets these can be acquired for small change from your dealer.


    Do you carry spare parts?

    • Yes we do carry spares for clients that are using our exhaust system.


    Do you have Exhaust systems ready to send or do you make to order?

    • 99% of the time we have exhaust systems ready to ship straight off the shelf. When we have sold out an estimate of production time is supplied which is generally no longer than 4 weeks.


    How quickly can I expect my Exhaust to arrive in either the USA or Europe?

    • We use a DHL Express service for most international deliveries that take as little as 3 days to 8 business days to arrive with the average being 5 days.


    Will your exhaust effect my new bike warranty?

    • Technically No unless poor installation practice and or tuning resulted in the defect. But one must put this hypothetical question to the retailer for their comment.


    Does your exhaust meet Emission standards?

    • No! The free flow design of a high performance exhaust systems makes it impossible to achieve emission compliance hence Vandemon Exhaust systems are aimed at closed course competition use.


    Do you supply detailed installation instructions?

    • No! The mechanical knowledge required is considered basic at best for a trained technician to perform however can be quite complex for the unskilled where the smallest error can cause significant damage to the exhaust and your motorcycle which is why we state must be fitted by a competent and trained mechanic.