What Are The Benefits of Upgrading to a Titanium Exhaust?

The benefits of an upgraded titanium exhaust on many of today’s modern motorcycles which use catalytic Converters that only lower exhaust emissions for regulatory compliance. 

The catalytic converter itself is extremely heavy on its own as well as becomes extremely hot as a result of converting Carbon Monoxides, Nitric Acids & Hydrocarbons emissions into less harmful carbon dioxide. This chemical reaction generates heat greater than normal exhaust temperatures which when sitting above such a device can be extremely uncomfortable and something many Ducati Panigale owners complain about in summer. Buy replacing out the OEM exhaust and its catalytic converter and stock heavy mufflers, enormous weight savings are had and there is no lighter exhaust option than Titanium for the job.  

The titanium also lasts longer than its stainless steel counterparts. As titanium isn’t susceptible to corrosion or oxidation, making them easier to maintain. In addition, they don't rust like other materials, so you won't need to worry about cleaning them off after every ride. Titanium looks great no matter how old and colours up very uniquely with blues and purples after normal riding.   

Some reasons why you should upgrade to a Titanium Exhaust:

It improves handling performance

By losing as much as 12kg from the motorcycle’s weight, the braking distance is reduced as well as acceleration is improved. Also as a result of the sprung weight of the motorcycle being reduced greater flexibility with suspension adjustments can be had with improved performance from the shock absorbers compression and rebound dampening settings.   

It looks cool

There's nothing cooler than seeing a beautiful motorcycle with a well-designed titanium exhaust system. If you're looking to stand out from the crowd, then you should consider buying a titanium exhaust system.

It lasts longer

Titanium won’t oxidize like Stainless Steel from exposure to heat, mud, acids, and water. 


It's easy to clean

After each ride, you shouldn't have to spend hours cleaning your exhaust system. With a titanium exhaust system, you can just wipe it down with a rag and a little bit of soap no abrasive polish needed 

It's lighter

This aids in change of direction handling that is instantly noticeable in the tight and twisty corners

It makes your engine more efficient

A well-designed titanium exhaust makes for more power through efficiency and elimination of restriction giving engine tuners the ability to extract modest increases in power and torque that cannot be achieved using the OEM exhaust system. 


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