Kawasaki H2-H2R after Market Exhaust System

The only Kawasaki H2-H2R after Market Exhaust System in the world that is made to the same dimensions and specifications as the legendary & Exotic Kawasaki H2R's Titanium Exhaust System.

Made from the highest quality Japanese Ti1 titanium & same jig dimensions as H2R with massive 48mm header pipe dimensions for best Hp. 



At Vandemon Performance, we provide the best motorcycle exhaust system for any bike out there! Our products are made using high-quality materials and designed by our engineers who know exactly what they're doing. They've worked hard to create an exhaust system that fits perfectly into your bike. You won't regret buying one of ours.

Made using advanced manufacturing techniques allowing for beautiful welding and precise fitting every time. Vandemon exhaust systems are primarily used by racers to free up wasted horsepower and create an ear-pleasing sound. To prevent any noise from disturbing their neighbours, they provide systems with removable baffles.

You've got an awesome motorcycle so you need to buy the best aftermarket exhaust for your motorcycle!

View our range of titanium exhausts at Vandemon Performance. We offer Australia-wide and International shipping to the United Kingdom, United States, European Union and more. 

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