Kawasaki H2 SE/SX Vandemon Titanium Muffler Slip-On 2018

  • $1,090.00

Kawasaki H2 SE/SX Vandemon Titanium Muffler Slip-On 2018

The H2 SE/SX Slip-on muffler is for those wanting to retain the OEM exhaust headers, cat and power valves. Our SE/SX Titanium muffler with carbon fibre tip is pannier safe and designed to increase power on a stock tune by 6hp or considerably more for those choosing to derestrict by flashing there ECU

Made entirely from Ti1 Titanium with a carbon fibre tip the entire weight is only 2.4kg compared to the OEM muffler which weights 6kg. The SE/SX muffler uses a fixed Db killer that tames sound slightly to a modest 98Db.

The size and shape of our SE/SX muffler are proportional which makes for an aesthetic appearance and enabling the rear wheel to be appreciated.

Installation is fast and simple taking only 15 minutes.

 Weight: 2.4kg


Vandemon Exhaust systems are designed for performance and modest sound improvements. We at Vandemon do not try to meet noise emission standards because simply the end results would be no different than what your OEM exhaust can already achieve