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BMW R1250GS Adventure Vandemon Titanium Exhaust System With Valve 2019-22

  • $2,990.00 AUD

BMW R1250GS Adventure Vandemon Titanium Exhaust System With Valve

 Vandemon Exhaust systems free up lost power by removing restrictions from the OEM exhaust system. Manufactured from lightweight, and strong Ti1 Titanium, a weight saving of 2.8kg is delivered, which is a significant weight reduction for those staying under the maximum load rating where your bike becomes heavily burdened with provisions and equipment needed for one's journey. 

This exhaust system has the inline exhaust valve so that the OEM exhaust servo function is retained, which makes for a modest increase in sound at cruise at maintained throttle opening. Then when the throttle is opened aggressively, the valve opens to fully open, and exhaust flow is unrestricted, making for vastly improved acceleration with a stand out sound. 

By replacing your OEM exhaust, the heavy catalytic converter is deleted, which is a significant source of heat generation due to a chemical reaction that generates temperatures high enough to cause contact ignition, and a potential fire hazard if your bike is left parked in long grass. In addition, Titanium cools twice as fast as the OEM stainless steel exhaust and won't stain, corrode or need polishing to maintain its appearance.

The muffler, although significant, has no restriction and traps noise given its volume without restricting exhaust flow, as well as achieving a deep tone that is not intrusive and fits comfortably behind the RH pannier bag.

Performance, particularly torque, has a modest boost at low RPM, best achieved after tuning.

  • Material: Ti1 Titanium 
  • Production years: 2019-22
  • With Inline Exhaust Valve
  • Surface finish: Brushed
  • Power: +9hp at 7400rpm
  • Torque +11.1n/m at 5700rpm
  • Weight: 6.5kg (Stock 9.5kg) 
  • Noise Db 98


The surface finish is a natural brushed Titanium which, when heated after only one ride, changes to all layers of the colour spectrum with the added advantage over stainless steel that Titanium won't stain, corrode or ever need polishing. In addition, Titanium has a very high resistance to acid salt and dissipates heat twice as fast as steel.


We at Vandemon use a closely guarded welding process that welds both sides of each joint, making for ultrasonically perfect joints with a beautiful & consistent overlapping fish bone appearance.


 Tuning to suit is recommended by a competent technician. 


Due to its strength, weight and corrosion quality, Titanium is found in the most demanding applications on Aircraft airframes, jet engine compressor blades and ducting, deep-sea saltwater vessels, steam turbine blades, and rocket motor cases, etc. F1 and MotoGP.


  • Very light, Increased power to weight ratio
  • Won't corrode or change colour from exposure to water
  • Never need polishing like stainless steel & aluminium.
  • Dissipate heat twice as fast as Stainless Steel
  • Won't distort or oxidise at High Temperatures


VANDEMON Exhausts operates out of our HQ in Wollongong, NSW Australia

IMPORTANT! Vandemon Exhaust systems are designed for performance and modest sound improvements. We at Vandemon do not try to meet noise emission standards because the results would be no different than what your OEM exhaust can already achieve. Check with your country's governing body regarding noise emission standards rules and regulations.