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Kawasaki H2 SE/SX Vandemon Stealth E-Valve Titanium Exhaust

  • $3,990.00
  • Save $300.00

Kawasaki H2 SE/SX Vandemon Stealth E-Valve Titanium Exhaust

VANDEMON The #1 choice by H2 owners & professionals all over the world

Years 2018-2022 

At the Press of a Button Choose from two exhaust tones.

With noise regulations worldwide becoming more strict, Vandemon came up with a unique variable valved Slip-On muffler that, at a press of a button, you can choose from OEM quiet or straight through unrestricted power with a standout sound to match. This purpose-made full exhaust system is made from polished Ti1 Titanium with a very bespoke & unique muffler that has two separate chambers which is the same as having two exhaust systems in one. How Does It Work? With a Titanium butterfly valve mounted before the muffler, the exhaust gas is redirected via a more conventionally baffled section of the muffler that reduces noise to OEM DB levels. when the valve is in the open position exhaust gas will then choose the path of least resistance and exit via the straight through un-baffled section of the muffler.

The OEM catalytic converter and heavy steel muffler & headers are also eliminated making for a much lighter exhaust system being 50% lighter than the OEM Kawasaki exhaust due to the use of lightweight titanium used that is polished to a high lustre and will retain its appearance without the need for polishing. 


  • Material: Ti1 Polished Titanium
  • Muffler: Ti1 Polished Titanium with E-Valve   
  • Power: + 8hp Valve Open
  • Weight: 7.5kg ( OEM Exhaust System 14.1kg )
  • Noise: 94db Quiet mode or 105db Loud Mode @5500rpm 
  • 12 x 1.25 & 18 x 1.5mm O2 sensor provision 
  • Application: Road and Track

There is no requirement to tune the engine to suit, but for best results, we recommended Re-Mapping.  Additionally, the power valve and catalytic converter are eliminated to accommodate this system, so please check with your country's laws & regulations regarding the removal of these systems before choosing this product.

Our exhausts are professionally packaged to prevent damage in transit and arrive in a natural brushed finish that transforms to an iridescent blue, purple & gold colour beginning at the engine headers after only one heat cycle.


Due to its strength, weight and corrosion quality, Titanium is found in the most demanding applications on Aircraft airframes, jet engine compressor blades and ducting, deep-sea saltwater vessels, steam turbine blades, rocket motor cases, etc. F1 and MotoGP.


Very light, Increased power too weight ratio
Won't corrode or change colour from exposure to water
Never need polishing like stainless steel & aluminium
Dissipates heat twice as fast as stainless steel
Won't distort or oxidise at high temperatures


 IMPORTANT! Vandemon Exhaust systems are designed for performance and modest sound improvements. We at Vandemon do not try to meet noise emission standards because the results would be no different from what your OEM exhaust can already achieve. Check with your country's governing body regarding noise emission standards rules and regulations.