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KTM Superduke 1290R Vandemon Titanium Exhaust System 2021-22

  • $3,690.00 AUD
  • Save $200.00 AUD

KTM Superduke 1290R Vandemon Titanium Exhaust System 2021-22

 Full Titanium Exotica is made from the highest quality Ti1 Titanium using state of the art manufacturing technics with 100% ultrasonically perfect welds and jigged for a perfect fit every time.

Both mufflers are all titanium with stylish carbon fibre end caps and removable silencers that temper sound to a level to appease. Apart from improving acceleration, handling, stopping distance and change of direction, this lightweight system will enhance performance by as much as 12hp when used in addition to a fuel correction device. 

  • Made from the Highest Quality Ti1 Titanium
  • Mufflers x 2 Titanium and Carbon Fibre Tips
  • Removable Silencers
  • Weight 6.3Kg
  • Requires engine mapping for best results
  • Approx 11hp increase with increased torque at lower RPM
  • Noise 102db silencers in 105db out

IMPORTANT! Vandemon Exhaust systems are designed for performance and modest sound improvements. We at Vandemon do not try to meet noise emission standards because the results would be no different from what your OEM exhaust can already achieve. Check with your country's governing body regarding noise emission standards rules and regulations.